Microsoft Power BI – Dashboarding and Data Visualizations

With a multitude of courses available, what makes this one stand out? First and foremost, it is specifically designed for SCM and business professionals. The course material includes techniques, tools, and case study examples modeled after the instructor’s real-life experiences.

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PowerBI Level 1: Dashboarding with PowerBI

Description: Business intelligence and automated analytics is in growing demand, and this course provides the basic operational knowledge to get started with Microsoft PowerBI. Whether you want to develop automated reports for internal use, or publish them for a wider audience, PowerBI provides the all the tools necessary to get up and running quickly. This course will provide operational knowledge of Power BI and its most important features so that you’ll be able to implement it within in your workplace immediately. Best of all, it is a FREE program that integrates seamlessly with Excel and a wide variety of other data sources, so there are no expensive licensing fees to hold you back from learning and developing business intelligence skills. To learn more about what PowerBI is all about, please take a look at Microsoft’s introduction. To view a fully-implemented case example of PowerBI’s capabilities, have a look at this example developed in collaboration with the Colorado Oil & Gas Conservation Commission.

Key Learning Outcome(s):

  • Prepare a database in Excel for use in Power BI
  • Create a dashboard
  • Publish and share dashboard

Main Topics:

  • Dashboarding basics
  • Getting data in Power BI
  • Creating dashboards
  • Publishing and sharing dashboards
  • Viewing dashboards on mobile

Duration: 1-day (8 hours)

Prerequisites: None

Price: $595/person

General Information:

Class Capacity: Standard bookings require a minimum of 5 and maximum of 10 people per class (for groups of 6 or more, an assistant instructor will be provided to help facilitate and ensure everybody receives sufficient hand-on support throughout the course). If you have larger or smaller groups requiring training, please use the contact us form to let us know about your requirements. In many cases we are able to customize our offerings in order to help you access the training and support you require.

Location: Pricing for all courses is for delivering the course in the client’s offices. If a training room or suitable boardroom with the required equipment is not available, alternate arrangements can be made to book a suitable facility. If Azura Consulting handles the facility booking, it will be charged for at the cost of the booking plus a 5% administrative markup.

Equipment needed: A room equipped with a computer for each participant, along with a projector or large digital screen that can be utilized for delivering presentation material from the instructor’s computer or USB drive.  Participants can use either PC desktop computers or PC laptops, as long as they have Microsoft PowerBI for Windows pre-installed.

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